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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here doggie, doggie, doggie....

These are pics of the bonding room at the Carroll County Animal Shelter bonding room that I finished not too long ago. This room was fun to do.....hard to tell but I painted the animals life size to look more realistic. The bonding rooms are very small so the mural takes up the whole room.
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  1. Wow, truly an artist! I will call you that. Beautiful artwork and simply talented. I love the artwork with the the "Neuter or Spay" sign. Beautiful! :D

  2. Your mural is wonderful and when I saw the doxie i almost cried. I had one that same color.

  3. I love your work, I am a new follower, you just became a follower of mine. You are truely an artist!! I would love for you to look at some of my murals over on my blog, I am not sure which ones are up there, but there is at least 1, and I would love your input!!
    Thanks, Karen!!