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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary....Sugarbear!!!!

Jeff, aka Sugarbear, was totally surprised by his gift!
Previously he kept picking up the box and saying that there wasn't anything in it.  Because it was light and nothing was shaking.  Next time I'm going to put a bell in the package....bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

He was so excited when he saw I had painted a picture of Booboo. He immmediately  went to get the hammer and a nail to proudly hang it in office.   Jeff has had Booboo for 14 yrs. and he is like a son.  He's getting old now and can't get around like he used to.  We've even discussed what we are going to do when that time comes.  But until then we are just going to enjoy him to the fullest.

The finished product.

As a painter, its very hard to paint someone (in this case...our fur-baby) you know; as you see them differently as a stranger would.   As most people do when they look at the people and/or that things they love.  You don't see the big nose, the mole, the inverted mohawk (our daughter's wording for her daddy's head....teehee) or maybe their slight skin discoloration.  You see the beauty in the eyes,  their sweet smile, etc......  So, I have a hard time capturing the image as it really is and not the way I see it thru my loving eyes.  I struggle with that everytime I try to do something like the pics above.  But I pushed thru and made it happen 'cause I knew it would mean so much to Jeff.  He now keeps telling me I need to paint one of Looloo, our other fur-baby....  I will as soon as I get over this one.  Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!
Besides his birthday isn't until August....!!!

Until later, future projects.....Gotta split.....TFL!!!