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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

J4J = fun!!!

Here are some pics of the party rooms that I painted at Jump for Joey.
Its one of those bouncy places that kids love.......
They have 4 very large party rooms that can be reserved.
One party room had been painted with a mural previously by another artist.

This first one is a jungle theme.

This one is a beachy theme....

and finally we have the sports theme.....

I tried to create photo ops in every room.

Until later, jumpers......Gotta split.....TFL!!!!!!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another anniversary present for my hubster.

 First let me introduce you to Looloo.  She is the most gentle dog. When we feed her treats she won't take them with her teeth, she takes them with her big 'ol droopy lips.
We got her from a friend.  They found her wandering on the road.  My friend checked all the local vets and shelters and no one had reported her missing. 

Our vet says she's probably about 4 yrs. old.  We've had her over a year, so I would say s shes 5 yrs. old.
Everyone that comes to our house looks at her and says "Wow, she's a big dog !"
I really don't see her as being that big.  (She is 75 lbs.) 
I guess because she acts so demure and lady like. 

We have since lost Booboo,  our dog from the previous post.
My hubs even purchased a headstone for his grave. 
He was soooo loved by us all.  
Looloo only spent a little time with him
before he died....but she walked around a few days after looking for him.

Now on to the REAL reason you're here.

I painted another picture for my hubs to celebrate out anniversary.
He is so infatuated with Looloo its ridiculous.
So I HAD to paint a portrait of her for him to hang in honor along side Booboo portrait. 

I think I captured her sweetness and her soft personality. 

The hubs was so happy that he had one of her the hang in his office.

Until later, painted pet pals.......Gotta split......TFL!!!!!